Our Atelier

Unosider has a solid and rigorous soul made of iron and metal and a softer and lighter one made of fabrics and decorations, a precision and technical component and a more romantic and visionary one.

From the union of these seemingly contrasting souls of ours comes the profound value of our work made up of experience and passion.


Our tension is directed at the close link between technical excellence and craftsmanship attention to detail to create superior products in the constant pursuit of elegance.

We firmly believe that design should be dynamic and responsive, able to adapt to emerging trends without ever losing sight of the importance of quality and longevity.

Attention to every detail, strict controls during design and production, and the use of the industry’s most effective techniques and treatments are the key and soul of our creations.

A tailored job

We have chosen to work with colors and fabrics, to offer decorative elements and architectural solutions suitable for those who seek excellence and those who want results that live up to their expectations.

Tailoring work that makes each of our artifacts a “suit” sewn to fit each project.

From this passion come all the custom designs, customizations, accessories, and the search for harmonization of outdoor space that we like to call “Outdoor Architectures.”



Our “Color Collection” is designed to inspire and stimulate creativity and allow everyone to find the most authentic expression of their style and personality in the design of outdoor spaces.


Fabrics & Materials

The work on fabrics, the selection of colors and textures-some soft to soften metal profiles, others tough to stand the test of time well-the search for recycled materials, the constant inspiration from natural elements, elevate the product to a new dimension.

Paints and finishes


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