Mood pergola

Wall-mounted aluminium pergola with retractable sliding cover

Thanks to the ease of use of its retractable cover, the various accessories available and the many combinations that can be made, Mood is an aluminium structure with surprising versatility.

The roof system can be collected laterally with rainwater drainage along the front beam.

Mood Pergola / Pergola-Anlehnungen / Unosider Outdoor Architectures
Mood Pergola avant / wandmontiert / Unosider Outdoor Architectures

In the avant version, the cover slides toward the wall at the wall fasteners, with water draining along the two side beams.

Mood transforms outdoor space turns into an oasis of comfort and style, where functionality and design meet under the shelter of the sun.

Mood has a sturdy aluminium frame with 80×80 mm profiles that allow for remarkable visual lightness. The sliding and retractable cover allows complete control of shade and light, offering protection from the sun when needed and letting in natural light when desired. With a simple gesture, the cover can be picked up or spread out, providing maximum flexibility and convenience.

In addition to standard dimensions Mood lends itself to a great deal of flexibility in customization to best suit each project.

Numerous accessories are available: side curtains, made of acrylic fabric, offer extra privacy with a convenient zipper closure; for protection of the canopy when it is in a gathered position, a transparent compact polycarbonate canopy can be added. The environment can be made even more inviting with the addition of dimmable LED strips, elegantly integrated into the aluminium profiles of the sliding cover.
Finally, it is possible to enhance the pergola with a platform with ipe wood slats or grès porcelain tiles.

Main structure
Standard Equipment

  • Lean-to structure made of extruded aluminium profiles, primary alloy UNI6060 and stainless steel accessories
  • UV-resistant, polyester resin-based epoxy powder coating, available in 12 standard colors
  • Possibility of custom fabrication, up to a maximum of 400 x 500 cm
  • Pillar section 80 x 80 x 2 mm
  • Beam section 80 x 40 x 2 mm
  • Waterproof cover sheet manually retractable, against the backing wall (avant) or sideways (side)
  • Stormwater runoff ensured by the slope of the PVC channels of the roofing sheet
  • PVC Flexlight Lodge 6002 cover sheet available in 9 standard colors
  • Maneuvering rod and front hook for cloth locking


  • AISI 316 stainless steel base cover, with polished finish, to conceal plate and grounding screws
  • Compact, transparent, fire-retardant polycarbonate canopy to protect the cover in the collected position
  • Acrylic fabric side curtains with closing zipper, sliding rods, and profiles for attachment to columns
  • Dimmable LED strips integrated into the aluminum profiles of the sliding cover


epoxy polyester powder coating treatment


PVC Flexlight Lodge 6002

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