Novecento Pergola

Steel wall-mounted pergola with hot-dip galvanizing treatment and fixed cover

Novecento embodies outdoor elegance through a versatile and sophisticated structure. A true star of the Unosider collection, where the art of functionality meets timeless style.

Soft lines and timeless decorations.

It can be designed following standard dimensions or customized to fit perfectly into any type of building, whether domestic or professional

The Novecento Wall-mounted pergola is distinguished by the harmony of its lines and its innate elegance, transforming with each installation into a natural and ideal extension of the home.

This structure, a fundamental component of the Novecento family, can be designed following its standard dimensions or customized to fit perfectly into any type of building, whether domestic or professional, always guaranteeing an aesthetic result of the highest level.

Made from the same high-quality materials as all Novecento models, machined steel, hot-dip galvanized and epoxy powder-coated, the Novecento pergola is available in Unosider’s nine standard colors and equipped with a PVC Flexlight Classic 602, champagne or white PVC cover sheet.

For specific projects or needs, you can opt for PVC Flexlight Lodge in its 9 colors.

The Novecento pergola can be further customized with its accessories. The band cover profile adds a premium detail to the structure, while the ability to enclose all sides with fabric or PVC sheeting, plain or windowed, makes it possible to create a cozy, sheltered space in all seasons.

Main structure

Standard Equipment

  • Leaning structure made of machined steel with hot-dip galvanizing treatment
  • UV-resistant, polyester resin-based epoxy powder coating, available in 9 standard colors
  • Possibility of tailor-made modules up to a maximum of 400 x 500 cm
  • 60 x 60 mm pillar section
  • Beam section 180 x 30 x 2 mm
  • Sloping section 30 x 30 x 2 mm
  • Front beam decoration available in three variations
  • Fixed, waterproof, PVC Flexlight Classic 602 cover sheet available in white or champagne color, secured with exposed ties


  • PVC valance to internally shield perimeter beams
  • Cable tie cover profile
  • Sheet metal flashing, painted like the structure, to prevent water infiltration between the pergola and the wall
  • Decorated side beam, also available with PVC interior infill
  • Side curtains with zipper closure available in acrylic or PVC fabric and sliding rods
  • Arrangement for mounting chandeliers on the overhangs


epoxy polyester powder coating treatment


PVC Flexlight Classic 602

PVC Flexlight Lodge 6002

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