Ottoemezzo Pergola

Steel wall-mounted pergola with hot-dip galvanizing treatment and fixed waterproof PVC covering

The Ottoemezzo pergola owes its elegance and versatility to its understated, minimalist design. Its galvanized steel structure ensures extreme strength while using columns of only 60 x 60 mm.

Also ideal in metropolitan environments where architectural discretion is required.

The front beam, thanks to the cloth fixing gap, acts as a rainwater collection gutter.

The Ottoemezzo lean-to pergola enhances the beauty of functionality with its clean lines and extremely solid structure with columns of only 60 × 60 mm.

The structure is a dialogue between the architecture of the home and its surroundings, a bridge that unites indoor and outdoor spaces in a harmonious embrace.

Its understated, yet sought-after style both in bucolic settings and in urban environments or historic centers where greater architectural discretion is desired.

The front beam is an example of how functionality and beauty can coexist: in addition to providing a solid support for the structure, thanks to the cloth fastening slot, it becomes a gutter, an elegant rainwater collection system.

The Ottoemezzo lean-to pergola is a perfect synthesis of beauty and functionality, a choice that is not just a roofing solution, but an extension of the home that invites you to fully experience the beauty of every moment, in every season.

The Ottoemezzo lean-to pergola is enhanced by accessories from the Otteoemezzo family designed to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the installation.

The sheet metal flashing, painted the same color as the structure, is a detail designed to prevent water infiltration between the pergola and the wall, protecting the house and providing aesthetic continuity.

The decorated side beam, also available with PVC infill, adds a touch of elegance. Customizable side curtains offer protection and privacy, and the decorative frame on the front beam and the central chandelier contribute to a cozy and refined ambiance.

Main structure

Standard Equipment

  • Leaning structure made of machined steel with hot-dip galvanizing treatment
  • UV-resistant, polyester resin-based epoxy powder coating, available in 9 standard colors
  • Possibility of tailor-made modules up to a maximum of 400 x 400 cm
  • 60 x 60 mm pillar section
  • Beam section 90 x 55 mm
  • Sloping section 30 x 30 x 2 mm
  • Fixed, waterproof, PVC Flexlight Classic 602 cover sheet available in white or champagne color
  • Stormwater runoff and channelization ensured by the slope of the roof, the presence of a front gutter and channels inside the pillars


  • Sheet metal flashing, painted like the structure, to prevent water infiltration between the pergola and the wall
  • Decorated side beam, also available with PVC interior infill
  • Side curtains with zipper closure available in acrylic or PVC fabric and sliding tracks
  • Decorative frame to be applied to the front beam
  • Provision for mounting a central chandelier


epoxy polyester powder coating treatment


PVC Flexlight Classic 602

PVC Flexlight Lodge 6002

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