Collection of planters and gratings for aluminum screening

The Shape collection offers simple, modular solutions for the contemporary outdoor: practical vertical planters and sunscreens suitable for creating shade and privacy.

Endless combination possibilities with screen panels and accessories.

Shape / Blumenkästen, Spaliere / Unosider Outdoor Architectures

Shape favors advanced design solutions for optimal shielding from solar radiation and privacy requirements.

The Shape collection enriches the experience of outdoor spaces by offering modular planter solutions and vertical sunscreens.

Through the combination of the main elements, the screen panels and planters, and the various accessories such as connecting joints, additional uprights, kits for converting planters into benches, and LED strips for lighting, countless designs can be brought to life, making each outdoor space unique and personal.

Suitable for both private and contract settings, the Shape collection provides effective protection from solar radiation when needed, but also provides a feeling of privacy and comfort.

Main structure

Standard Equipment

  • Extruded aluminum, primary alloy UNI6060 and stainless steel profiles (grating)
  • Painted sheet metal (planters)
  • UV-resistant, polyester resin-based epoxy powder coating, available in 12 standard colors


  • Lid for converting planter into bench
  • Decorative removable acrylic fabric outdoor cushions
  • Upright for joining multiple panels and fixing them to the ground
  • Steel foot for self-supporting grating
  • Dimmable LED strip, to be installed in the upper end, equipped with remote control


epoxy polyester powder coating treatment

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