Ype rain

Self-supporting aluminum pergola with retractable sliding cover and rainwater collection gutter

The perimeter gutter for stormwater collection makes Ype rain the perfect answer for even the most demanding contract solutions.

The configuration of beams and pillars gives the structure both aesthetic and functional solidity.

Ype rain / Selbsttragende Pergola mit Dachrinne / Unosider Outdoor Architectures

Perimeter eaves are a guarantee of functionality and reliability against adverse weather conditions.

Ype pergolas are distinguished by their refined and clean lines, inspired by the Ype gazebo design.
Their structure, made of 120 x 120 mm aluminum profiles, supports a manually retractable cover that offers protection from the sun or adverse weather conditions, easily maneuverable with the included stainless steel rod.

The fabric used for the cover is a special type of PVC that, while retaining all the qualities of this widely used material in the sunscreen industry, has a look and feel very similar to a natural fabric due to its rough surface, similar to a textile yarn.

The perimeter eaves, arranged on the four sides of the structure, provide optimal management of stormwater runoff. Particularly in the contract field, its presence is a guarantee of functionality and reliability, helping to ensure the normal conduct of activities under the shelter of the pergola, regardless of weather conditions.

Available in several standard sizes and customizable up to 5 x 5.50 meters, Ype rain can be paired to specific designs to create structures capable of covering larger areas.

A number of accessories are available to further enhance the user experience of Ype pergolas: acrylic fabric side curtains offer more privacy with a convenient zipper closure, while a transparent compact polycarbonate canopy can be added to protect the canopy when it is in the gathered position.
Vertical roller blinds, horizontal slatted screening panels help create a more private and comfortable environment.

The environment can be made even more inviting with the addition of dimmable LED strips, elegantly integrated into the aluminum profiles of the sliding cover.
An additional touch of style can be provided by the addition of the stainless steel base cover kit, ensuring an overall image of value and refinement.

Main structure
Standard Equipment

  • Self-supporting structure made of extruded aluminum profiles, primary alloy UNI6060 and stainless steel accessories
  • UV-resistant, polyester resin-based epoxy powder coating, available in 12 standard colors
  • Possibility of custom fabrication, up to a maximum of 500 x 550 cm
  • Abutment section 120 x 120 x 2 mm
  • Beam section 120 x 120 x 2 mm
  • Stormwater runoff and channelization ensured by the slope of the PVC gutters of the roofing sheet, the presence of perimeter gutters, and a channelization inside the pillars
  • Manually retractable waterproof PVC Flexlight Lodge 6002 cover sheet available in 9 standard colors
  • Maneuvering rod and front hook for cloth locking


  • AISI 316 stainless steel base cover, with polished finish, to conceal plate and grounding screws
  • Compact, transparent, fire-retardant polycarbonate canopy to protect the cover in the collected position
  • Acrylic fabric side curtains with closing zipper, sliding rods, and profiles for attachment to columns
  • Vertical shade roller blind, complete with manual winch and running cables, in Soltis Lounge 96 or recycled acrylic Raytent Shade, also available motorized
  • Cristal PVC vertical roller blind, complete with vertical profiles with windproof zipper system, 114 mm cassette, winch for manual handling and painted aluminum finial. Also available motorized
  • Horizontal slatted screening panels, 40 x 20 mm stainless steel perimeter profile and 30 x 20 mm aluminum transoms
  • Dimmable LED strips integrated into the aluminum profiles of the sliding cover
  • All-glass system, screen, consisting of sliding glass, without vertical profiles, with weight relief on the bottom rail


epoxy polyester powder coating treatment


PVC Flexlight Lodge 6002

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